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Context Cash 1.4

    [*]Name : Context Cash
    [*]Version : 1.4.0
    [*]Type : Ads Optimize Plugin, Context Ads Plugin
    [*]Price : $37 [*]Homepage :
    Salepage[/url] Set & Forget WordPress Plugin Adds Amazon Contextual Ads Into Your Blog In A New Clever Way
    Context Cash Even Optimises Your Ads, Showing The Most Popular Ads & Products!
    As you can see in the example above highlighted word looks just like a normal hyper-link. When people read a blog post they are interested in, they are used to seeing links to more information and they are very likely to click some of them.
    In this case however hovering over or clicking on the highlighted word will instantly open up the contextual ad.
    This will greatly increase your click through rates and sales, as your ads are now an integral part of you content, rather than being an annoyance.
    And by advertising Amazon products in your contextual ads you will not only increase your click throughs and sales, but also gain credibility for you blog through brand association with Amazon.
    And we’ve set out to create a WordPress plugin that would do this… and then some!
    Context Cash Is Super Simple To Set Up

    Features 1. Make Sure Your Ads Are Relevant To Your Content
    2. Show Your Ads Where People Will See Them & Can’t Resist!
    3. Advertise Products People Trust & Know They Can Get A Good Deal.

    Step 1: you click the “Import Keywords” button…
    [imgt]http://www.ultimatebannerplugin.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/import1.jpg[/img] Step 2: you select on of the keyword lists – to make it super easy for you they have been named after their corresponding Amazon category.

    Step 3: you select whether you want ads for these keywords to be active immediately. Or you can just import them for later use.

    That’s it, you’re done! But you do have the option to easily pause/activate/delete ads and you can also edit them to for example add/remove keywords or specify that they should only be used in certain categories.

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